Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back in the saddle

Well after an extended stay away from my writing desk - mainly due to finishing an advanced diploma in Screenwriting - I'm happy to say I finally found the time to get back into the saddle and get stuck into some more short stories.

Today I finished the draft of a story about a love struck aussie and a dead starlet and last week finished a tale about the hidden dangers of a strip club.

The later is off in submission world, while the first will have a few day's breathing space before I get stuck into re-writes. Will they do any good? Only time will tell.

This week I'm also going on my first holiday in five years, so hopefully all the new sights and fresh air will inspire some more ghoulish fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your holiday, Mark.

Hidden dangers of a strip club?? ... I didn't know they were all that hidden, to be honest!


2:45 am  

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