Monday, March 05, 2007

Flash Shot date set

Well my micro-fiction piece Unwanted Review has been given an official publication date.
The story will be arriving in flash shot subscribers email boxes on June 20.
For anyone that wants to read it be sure to swing by to the Flash Shot website and subscribe to have a micro story delivered to your email daily.
Story quality varies from day to day, but there are some real gems in there and with a 100 word limit they won't take up much off your time to read.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Back in the box

Well after a small run of rejections this year (seven or eight at last count) I finally had a break through.

My story Scarecrow has been accepted into Brimstone Press' Black Box anthology. It was one of the anthologies I had set my sights on being included in this year, so to be able to put a tick next to one of my goals is always a good feeling.

Getting something dark and nasty to work in 120 words was a real challenge and one I'm glad to say I rose to. Well, I'll let you guys be the judge when the publication comes out next January.