Friday, August 21, 2009

Continuum ramblings and other associated news

We'll I survived another Continuum festival, had a great time, met some fresh faces, caught up with a few I'd met before and managed to knock off No Award for the innagural Chronos Award for Best Fan Writer.

The trophy, a fantastic looking clock is now proudly on display above the TV - as promised in my speech.

The con itself was a little smaller than the ones I have attended previously - but with plenty of friendly faces we all had a great time. A special thank you goes out to those who put up with me in a very intoxicated state on Saturday night.

From a writers point of view the con did all the things its supposed to do to, renewing the itch to get stuck into your own work, making you more determined than ever to make sure you write something you can launch at one of these events in the future, and making you realise that yes - even the best still get rejection slips.

While I ran out of cash to get my early bird ticket to next year's Continuum in February, I'll definately be making my way back to it in the new year.

On a writing note, I have seen the proof of my story A New Year's Murder which will be out in Sex and Murder Magazine #2 this weekend. The yarn has been given a great position at the top of the table of contents so be sure to check it out.


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