Thursday, June 26, 2008

From beneath the cloak of darkness I return... well kind of

Apologies for my silence, but I assure you with good reason.

For the past five weeks I have been back into the saddle as a full-time journalist so my other obligations such as this blog and my fiction submissions have been a little neglected. That's something I'm hoping to rectify soon, but given that I'm now spending 40-50 hours a week writing news copy I'm not sure how many tales I'll get to write. Hopefully it will be a case of quality over quanity and I'll be able to keep the publication clock ticking over.

I've also been working hard on some material for the launch issue of Black Magazine for those fine lads and lasses over at Brimstone Press. My contribution will include a regular column on horror movies, plus some assorted reviews so be sure to grab a copy when it hits streets on July 14.

My horror fiction has been a little slower, with a few rejections trickling in but no new sales to report. I've also been trying to work out how to divy off my brain so I can keep a few tales ticking over while I chase a couple of dozen news leads a week. Admist the clatter I did remember to renew my AHWA membership however.

The promised website updates will also be coming, but without a handful of new sales to report it looking a little outdated. Still, if you've yet to take a look swing on by to If nothing else it will make me feel important.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:15 am  
Blogger Trost said...

Hello Mark, just read Peer Pressure on AntiSF, nice work, if I had a daughter I'd lock her in the safety of her pink wall-papered bedroom for at least three months after reading that nasty tale. All the best to you.

7:29 pm  

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