Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let the inner geek shine

Could this be the coolest toy ever? I think so.

It's a Jaws shark plush toy that plays the attack theme music when you press it's fin. I found it at a movie memorbilia store the other day and just had to buy it. Needless to say there has been lots of stalking around the house chasing the dogs and my wife with the theme music blaring, so much so that the pups now won't go near it and my wife has banished it to the front writing room with all my other movie treasures.

Also, my four month old puppy Indy has shown why he's destined to be the king of the canine food chain in our household this week. We had him desexed earlier this week and he has been fitted with a plastic cone for two weeks while the wound heals. We were a bit worried that our other dog Cujo, who likes to play fight with Indy constantly, would take the opportunity to beat him up a little.
But in a true fighting spirit Indy quickly realised that he could use the plastic cone as a weapon, ramming Cujo with and driving him backwards into the wall, floor etc. We don't really condone violence in the house, but it sure has been funny to watch.


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