Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A whole new personna...

...well not quite.

After months of tossing it about I have changed my writing name to Mark Smith-Briggs in an effort to stand out a little more than just Mark Smith. The first of my stories under this name should be out in July. I had previously dabbled under this name at Horrorscope for a while, and noticed that my Ditmar nomination was under this name so figured, it's probably as good a time as any to make the minor alteration.

In other news, after keeping me in suspense for month or so, my story Remorse has been accepted into Flashspec Volume 2. It's even a paying gig, which is still a weird feeling for me - to have somebody pay me for something I've made up.

Now if only I could make $40,000 a year off of it and retire to the good life.

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Blogger Brian G Ross said...

You're right Mark, the new surname does have a better ring to it. Stick with it.


2:46 am  

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