Thursday, April 26, 2007

More success

SpecficMe has accepted one of my stories for inclusion in its anthology entitled E-Macbre 2.
Due out in October the anthology will be available as both a PDF format and as a POD paperback.
While the anthology is a non-paying market, it will hopefully get my work out to a whole new host of readers - some who may even like what they read.

On another note, my second submission to Flashspec Vol 2 has made its way to the further consideration pile. Getting your story considered is half the battle, so lets hope that it makes it through into the anthology. Last year's anthology was a beautifully presented soft cover book, and to get one into this year's mix would be a great honour. Fingers crossed.

So after a slow start to the year I now have stories coming out in June, July, October and January. Now if I could only get that up to one a month...

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