Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween treat (and it's free!)

Well I'm back and can inform you that no my lengthy silence doesn't mean that I had died, had my hands chopped off in a logging accident, been locked up or fallen victim to some evil terrorist plot. I've just been off getting married... although now that I think about it they all share some common ground.

The event has meant that my writing time has suffered (hell there's been none), and in turn there hasn't been a lot to report to the faithful public for a while. The good news is that due to the often sluggish nature of the publishing world, rejections and acceptances can take months to come back and projects can take up to a year to come out (sometimes more) , I've still got something new to promote.

My story Gary Dwyer's Special Dance, which originally appeared in Ripples Magazine issue 9, has been released today (Halloween) in SpecFicMe's online anthology E-Macabre 2. The anthology includes my story and fiction from James S. Dorr, Rob Hunter, Karen Sandler, Davin Ireland, James Gurley and Marg Gilks.

I'll be honest I've never heard of these guys, but the anthology is FREE so be sure to check out some new talent. Heck, there could be a few gems or future superstars in there - and my story's not half bad either.

Download a PDF of it here.

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Blogger Brian G Ross said...

Good stuff, Mark. Life can be unfortunate like that - sometimes it gets in the way of the important stuff.

Like writing.


1:30 am  
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