Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flash Shot delivers Unwanted Review

Sorry I've been a little quiet. I've been busy enjoying Natcon, catching up on Horrorscope reviews and working hard with Lee Battersby trying to bash some of my stories into a more saleable shape.
Plus I've got a wedding to plan by October... but that's another story all together.

For those that receive Flash Shot in their email boxes you may have noticed that today's installment featured a micro-fiction story from me. It was a fun little bit I wrote up in a few minutes after a series of late nights working at the video store. For those who don't receive the emails I've included it below for your enjoyment/distain. For those who don't know Flash Shot is a email based magazine that publishes speculative fiction 100 words or less. I know some people don't regard 100 word stories as real publications but I think that there is a degree of skill to get something down to such a tight word count.

By Mark Smith

Ryan didn't look up when the customer dropped the DVDs on the counter. All Friday the 13th titles. He groaned and gave his unwanted "video store boy" review.

"They should have ended it after part seven,'' he said. "Jason takes Manhattan? Total trash.''

The customer grunted.

Ryan looked up. A large man stood by the counter. His face was covered by a hockey mask. He held a large machete.

Ryan was unimpressed.

"Pathetic,'' he said. "For starters, you've got the shirt all wrong.''

The man raised the machete. Ryan was still complaining as he brought it down into his skull.

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Blogger Brian G Ross said...

I had one in Flashshot last year. It has its ups and downs. Yours - it seems to me - is one of their better efforts.


11:03 pm  

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