Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Houston, we have a webpage!

Well after a year or so of dilly dallying around, I've finally joined the online revolution and made myself a webpage.

Sure it's one of those freewebs, with the easy to follow templates and banner add across the top, but the site looks suprisingly good, presents all the info I need to (I'll be adding pics and some other cool stuff in the near future) and gives me an official face for editors, readers and really bored net surfers.

The site is Drop by and check it out, or better yet, link it to your own website.

In other news, I sold a story to the splatterpunk anthology Slice today. The story was one I wrote a while back with a particulary nasty vibe and the editor seemed to like it, so hopefully No Laughing Matter sates gore hounds when its released later this year.

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Blogger Brian G Ross said...

The new site looks good, Mark. May get one of those bad boys myself one day.


11:22 pm  
Blogger Jeff Parish said...

Congrats! Good to see a fellow Slice author.

8:04 am  

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